Project Management

Project management services include…

  • Managing the project from start to finish including evaluating and managing the tender process.
  • Performing full energy audit and recommending passive design features informed by the home’s site and local climate to renovate and recommend improvements that naturally maintains a comfortable temperature range, making the best use of sunlight, shade and natural ventilation throughout the seasons reducing or removing the need for heating or air conditioning, which can be as much as 40% of the average Australian home’s energy costs
  • Liaising with the client, consultants and tradespeople
  • Supervising the construction process
  • Ensuring that the construction is completed to the required standards
  • Ensuring that you, the client, are happy with the finished project
  • Controlling the finances and budget associated with the project and ensuring that payments are made on time (either full payments or partial payments)
  • Ensuring that the project is being completed according to agreed timeline
  • Managing all contracts that are a part of the building process
  • Problem solving and minimising disruptions to neighbouring buildings and homes

Projects can go off track, due to poor management of timelines, workflows and budgets, compromising project cost and quality. Having an efficient, friendly-but-firm creative and practical project manager to serve as a single point of contact with tradesmen and other professional service providers will save you time, money and your sanity. Owner and founder Siobhan is motivated by deadlines, has a ‘hands-on’ work ethic and promotes a positive culture on-site.  She has strong communication skills, ensuring clients and service providers feel involved and informed throughout the project.

Choose the Perfect Plan

The Perfect Plan Pre-Sale Action Check


What you need is a plan of action and this is it – Learn and execute what needs to be done to get your property up to scratch using the Perfect Plan Action Check and have your property ready to sell for the maximum price. Full audit report of your property outlining required works to maximise your return on sale List of required tradespeople to attain your goal including cost estimates based on trade quotations.

The Perfect Plan Full Service Project Management


Whether it’s a special project, the execution of the Perfect Plan Action Check or project management from beginning to end we provide a ‘full service’ project management service in addition to the above services.  

Should you opt to for ‘full service’ project management after at first selecting the Perfect Plan Pre-Sale Health Check or Action Check we will deduct those fees from your full service fee.  Call for a consultation.