Colour Consultancy

Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed or simply looking for the confidence to try something new, Siobhan from Perfect Plan is expertly qualified to assist you set just the right mood in your home.

Siobhan will work with you to create schemes you love, finishes that work for you, and a home that you can’t wait to settle back in to.  After your appointment, you’ll receive a useful written specification of everything you need to transform your home with paint and ideas on light and styling.

Perfect Plans in-home service isn’t just for full-scale renovations – far from it. For those who are less confident with colour, working with a difficult space, or simply stuck for time, it’s an invaluable service no matter the size and scope of your project. 

An expert in colour

With more than 10,000 colours available from the big brands who can choose!!!! It’s so overwhelming. Siobhan knows the palettes inside and out, from the first subtle neutral to the last inky hue. Throughout your session, Siobhan will be on hand to help you create a look you love.

Tailored to You

Offering advice that’s tailored to your lifestyle and tastes, Siobhan from Perfect Plan will take every element of your home into account, from the light and aspect of each room to your well-loved pieces, working with you to help transform it.  Be ready to bring out your favourite pieces so your recommendations pay homage or compliment them and incorporate them into your new look.

Keeping it simple and saving you time

Our service takes the stress out of choosing colour, leaving you with the confidence to create a scheme that’s as bold or as subtle as you like. Siobhan will help translate your ideas into a cohesive look that reflects your style.  Who has time to run back and forward to the paint shop to buy pot after pot of sample colours.  Siobhan will take care of all of this for you.

What to expect

Pre-appointment, Siobhan will call you for a chat about your project. The style of your space will be a factor in selecting the right colours. Your favourite colours are also important, it’s your space. If it’s complete guidance and inspiration you’re looking for Siobhan will create from scratch a scheme to lift your home to new levels. She will then consider up to four rooms, taking into account the light, architecture, usage and more.

On the day, you’ll share your ideas with Siobhan on the look you’re hoping to achieve

At your second appointment, you’ll be taken through suggested schemes and Siobhan will leave with you ‘Brush Outs’ for you to move around within your space to help decide a look you love in the colours and finishes that work for you.

Following your two visits you’ll be receive a written specification listing your chosen colours, designs and finishes, along with colour swatches of your scheme so they can be shared with your painter.

Choose the Perfect Plan

As colour is affected by many factors such as aspect, the surrounding environment and light be rest assured the palette recommended by Perfect Plan will accomplish the look you wish to achieve in your home. (To avoid costly mistakes, if renovating it is highly recommended this service is engaged at the commencement of building works so substrate choices unify with the overall look you wish to achieve within your home.)

(Prices valid as at 1 January 2019 and subject to review). STYLING SERVICES also available.

option: 1

theme & scheme



(Extended consultations available at an hourly rate of $165)

In consultation with you we will provide colour design solutions for any internal or external surface of your home. 

option 2:



(2 bedroom home estimated at $490.00)

To avoid confusion between you and your painter Perfect Plan Project Management offers a “paint schedule” specifying every substrate where paint is to be applied. 

The paint schedule will detail:

option 3:



Should you choose to have the painting project managed by Perfect Plan, or extended colour design requirements are needed throughout your project we offer packages tailored to your requirements.