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Perfect Plans Partners with Local Agency Co

Perfect Plan was recently featured in the Local Agency Co newsletter
talking about our Partnership. Check out the article below …..

Local Agency Co

We are often asked if we can oversee a refurbishment or renovation, we can arrange for basic work like painting, carpeting etc but unfortunately overseeing a refurbishment is not a service we offer. 

We have formed a business relationship with Siobhan Tagell from Perfect Plan, who can take care of everything for you. Siobhan’s company will handle all aspects of the renovation from start to finish and will oversee the project on your behalf and will save you time, money and reduce emotional stress.

Siobhan ensures all the tradespeople that they use are reliable and affordable and will save you thousands of dollars.  

We know you’re busy and don’t have the time to make improvements to your property. Remember as time goes on it’s important to keep your rental property in good condition as this will determine how much rent you will achieve, how long it will take to lease, the types of tenants you attract and how long tenants stay in you property.

See a recent project from the perfect plan where a $25,000 investment turned into $326,000 and an extra $70pw in rent.

 Perfect Plan is offering our clients an assessment of  your investment, normally valued at $990, however until 30 June is complimentary.

What you will receive is:
·       Full audit report of your property outlining required works to maximise your return on rent/sale
·       List of required tradespeople to attain your goal including cost estimates based on trade quotations
·       Order of works
·       Timeline for works
·       Suggested list of easy fixes that can be done without help from a specialist
·       Colour scheme recommendations





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